Bellroy Transit Backpack Review

Bellroy Transit Backpack Review

Used this week for a little more than 2 weeks and I think its very good overall, the name “transit” fooled me in the beginning because I was expecting something bigger. So I was like okay , maybe I can try to use this as my EDC. But after I check the stats its actually as big as the Aer Travel Pack, So immediately I had transferred my stuff from the CPL24 I’m using over to the Transit. I want to give Bellroy Transit Backpack Review.


Who wrote this Bellroy Transit Backpack Review is 178cm only so I assume a lot of you guys in the group should be taller than me, the Transit size is 54x39x18cm but it doesn’t look as bulky as the Aer travel pack 55x 34x 22cm probably because of the simple design Bellroy always had, I think it definitely not bulky at all.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Review

The second things I want to mention in my Bellroy Transit Backpack Review is room. As my Everyday Carry I bring my Peak Design Tech Pack (which is stuffed up with all my cables, cheque books , my power bank and a SD/sim Card vault), My Niteize runoff packing Cube to put all my towel and swimming stuff. So after those 2 cubes the Transit pack is around 50% Filled, which gives me another 50% of free space to make sure that there is room for my groceries and small purchases.

Internal Organisation

Very sufficient organisation inside the pack, an individual laptop sleeve with an additional padded pocket inside the laptop sleeve for chargers and stuff (but is useless for me as I put all stuff inside my peak design tech pouch), but I personally loved this, very thoughtful especially its padded. In the main compartment there’s also pockets which you can organise your stuff. The transit also have another small quick access pocket, and they have pen holders and another small pocket inside the quick access pocket, the key clip is also in the quick access pocket, easy to find.


As for Bellroy, I always love the inside more than then outside, I had the ink blue so its Venture-weave, nothing to complain really but nothing surprising either. As for inside I always loved the semi-transparent soft pockets and their cutting inside I think is always as beautiful as an artwork.


My Gears are around 7kg its quite comfortable, definitely not build for some overloaded stuff but i’ve tested 10kg loading still very comfortable, straps “seems” to be short but actually it isn’t.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Review
Bottle Pocket

This is the first Bellroy Backpack that has an external water bottle compartment (Sort of), many people asked me what size it fits, I had a range of Klean Kanteen bottles so after the testing it can fit an 20oz at max, definitely won’t fit the 32oz ones.


And the last thing I want to mention in my Bellroy Transit Backpack Review: Overall the transit backpack is my personal favourite backpack across the whole Bellroy backpack line, it was meant to be a travel backpack but i would use it as my EDC backpack , if I wanted a travel backpack I would rather go for something bigger like an Evergoods CTB40 , a Mystery Ranch Mission Rover, Aer Travelpack or maybe the Heimplanet Transit Backpack because my work requires me to bring a s*it load of tech gears and cameras that easily filled up the bag if I travel. But for those of you who just need to bring your laptop , then its something that might fit your need. If It had compression straps on the sides it would be so much more practical but if then it wouldn’t be too “Bellroy”.

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