Camera Messenger Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Camera Messenger Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday

Brian Redgrave

I’ve carried the bag with this load out for a few days now and have to say the most comfortable camera messenger bag I’ve ever carried. A few things I would change/add would be some kind of internal admin pocket, a water bottle holder (which could be used for an additional lens), and a way to attach the Field Pouch externally to the messenger bag.

G. Boscamp

Ive really loved this bag, Ive been using this for a while now and it fits my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera body with a lens attached plus 3 additional lenses. and all the extra stuff. I would absolutely buy this camera messenger bag again if I needed one. Plus it looks great. I look very coordinated when I meed clients for photographs. All of Peak Designs gear is really great, I originally backed them on kickstarter and have purchased more since then. Everything is a bit pricey but it lasts so thats what matters.

Camera Messenger Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday


I know lots of people have showered this bag and Peak Design’s products with praise, and reviewed every little detail about it, so I’ll keep my review to the unique insight I have to add to the conversation.

At the top of the list of things I love about this bag is that this is probably the most comfortable single strap carry bag I have * ever * used. I’m one of those guys that’s a total bag nut with tons of bags and it’s almost unrealistic how well the weight is distributed when it’s on my back. You can fill the bag most of the way up with moderately heavy items before you even start getting to the point where you’re like “Yeah I’m carrying too much for one shoulder and this is gonna hurt after a while”.

Anyway, this is hands down my favorite camera messenger bag I own now. I love the color and, I’m not a photographer so I don’t carry any photo equipment. The bag is still perfect for my use-case.


Camera Messenger Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday

Ryan nixon

Performed as expected. Disappointed the strap does not switch left vs right as the padding is on one side and for me it is backwards. One feature I had hoped it would be better at was staying sitting up when I set it down, it is okay at this about 75% of the time, but each time it tips over I am a little disappointed. The pocket for the laptop is good, but doesn’t accommodate a larger I pad pro which looks like it could have if the extra pocket in with the laptop had been made wider. The bag is light, sturdy and the pockets and interior flexibility is unmatched in anything I have seen so far. I would buy it again, especially if it stood up on its own better and expanded the laptop / iPad storage to accommodate all sizes of devices.

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