How To Choose Cycling Backpack For Newbies?

How To Choose Cycling Backpack

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or just starting to cycle, the cycling backpack is a useful partner for any journey. To make a good purchase, it is important to carefully evaluate the structure, material, capacity and accessories. In this section, Mesetups‘ll give you how to choose cycling backpack for newbies?

1. Choose Cycling Backpack with the Right Type for Your Routine

Cycling backpack models vary depending on the route and items you plan to carry. In this section, we will explain the particularities and usefulness of the main types of backpacks on the market so that you can make a good choice. 

1.1. Hydration Backpack: for long trails and places without available water

Hydration backpacks are the most popular among cyclists who often go on long trails and in places with no water available. This model has an internal water reservoir of 1.5 to 4 liters , with a hose on the handle that facilitates the athlete’s hydration throughout the course. 

Some backpacks are covered with a thermal blanket that keeps the water cold longer. As it is light and compact, this backpack does not bother you during cycling and does not interfere with performance. However, it has a reduced internal space, where only small objects can fit. 

1.2. Urban Backpack: Suitable for Pedals around the City

For those traveling home to work on a bike, the urban backpack is ideal. This model has ample internal space to store the helmet, clothes and other everyday objects. It also has internal pockets to keep everything organized and functional. 

Urban backpacks are large and useful for carrying objects , so they are suitable for both short and long pedals. However, it can be a little uncomfortable to carry this model during a competition. Generally, this backpack model has a more expensive price. 

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How To Choose Cycling Backpack

2. Pectoral and Abdominal Belts Prevent Backpack Swing

A good cyclist’s backpack is one that doesn’t wobble while you ride. In practice, it is recommended that the backpack remain firm and close to the body, like a vest, throughout the entire journey. Therefore, choose cycling backpack with a model with adjustable straps on the chest and abdomen. 

This type of fixation provides greater stability and comfort , as it prevents the movement of the backpack from hurting the skin or even slipping when you are on the bike. This way, it reduces the chances of the cyclist losing balance on the bike and even suffering some kind of accident.

3. Choose a Comfortable Backpack with Breathable and Waterproof Fabric

As you will be using the backpack often and for a long time, it is important to carefully analyze the fabric. Choose cycling backpack models with padded shoulder straps and sides and resistant fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, nylon and EVA. 

Another nice tip is to check if the backpack is made with breathable fabrics. This type of material facilitates the passage of sweat from the body, which, consequently, prevents the skin from heating up and becoming soaked. This provides a feeling of comfort, especially on hot days.

Thinking about rainy days and water trails, also make sure your backpack is waterproof. These models are water resistant and allow personal items to remain dry. Some products are not waterproof, but offer a rain cover to protect the backpack.

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How To Choose Cycling Backpack

4. To Avoid Overload, Prefer Backpacks Up To 1kg

The weight of the cyclist backpack is another factor that should be considered when buying. After all, if it’s already heavy, it’s going to be difficult to ride when you add travel items. In the long run, this can cause back pain and affect your performance on the bike. 

So, so that the backpack doesn’t become a burden, choose models that weigh a maximum of 1 kg. That way, on long pedals when you need to take a helmet, a water bottle and a raincoat, the backpack won’t be as heavy and the journey won’t be as tiring for you. 

5. Choose Capacity According to Distance of Course

There are backpacks for cyclists with a capacity that varies between 3 and 30 liters, each one of them is indicated for traveling along different distances. For short pedals with about 10 to 20 km, backpacks with a capacity of 8 to 12 liters are ideal. 

On the other hand, if you intend to make a long distance pedal longer than 100 km, choose cycling backpack with a capacity of 12 to 20 liters. At this size, you’ll have plenty of room to pack clothes, helmets, and other heavier items. 

Also pay attention to the capacity of the water tank . In this case, backpacks with a capacity between 1.5 to 3 L are indicated for short trails of up to 2 hours. For longer journeys, opt for larger capacities. 

How To Choose Cycling Backpack

6. Check Out Extra Backpack Accessories

To ensure practicality during the ride, some models of backpacks for cyclists are equipped with useful accessories. One of them is the  headphone jack that lets you listen to your favorite playlists or take phone calls with ease while pedaling.

There are also options with side pockets that are useful for storing small objects such as documents, keys or cards. Other cool items that help a lot are the flashlights or whistles attached to the bike’s buckle, they help on trails or around town. 

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