My MABAG Feedback After 3 Weeks Of Daily Use

MABAG Feedback After 3 Weeks
Materials and overall look

For a while I’ve been a proud owner of MABAG, which is a highly recommended bag on this subreddit. So I want to give my MABAG feedbacks for Moonador. According to Moonador on their website, the MABAG’s material is a X-Pac. X-Pac is lightweight, forever waterproof, UV resistant, and has good tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. It’s a perfect backpack fabric. The material feels quite pleasant to interact with actually.

MABAG Feedback After 3 Weeks

I purchased the bag because I often bring my laptop out. However, I’ve been using it as an everyday bag as well to experience how it wears and breaks in. The MABAG comes with a solid strap system. Open and close with velcro makes the bag easy to pack without leaving any empty space between items. I really like the secret compartment on the back of the bag, where I can keep my car keys, lighter, small knife…


One important thing in my MABAG feedbacks: My MABAG was put through a serious rain test last night when I was outside for over an hour while it poured, and it stayed completely dry inside.

Laptop compartment

The UA21 also has both a laptop and tablet compartment. I quite like having two separate compartment because the smaller one works well for my Kindle or especially my flat essentials pouch. 

MABAG Feedback After 3 Weeks

What I really love about the MABAG is the comfort. Large size of the bag seemed a bit unusual to me at first, but since I’m a tall guy, its size really fits my body well. The straps and back panel are just super comfortable.


Overall I really love this bag, and it’s certainly the type of bag that will last a long time. Although I initially purchased the bag for laptop, I’m happily using it as an EDC bag now. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

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