Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Feedbacks

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Feedbacks
Materials and overall look

For a while I’ve been a proud owner of Mystery Ranch’s Urban Assault 21, which is a highly recommended bag on this subreddit. So I want to give my Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 feedbacks. The colorway is called Wood Waxed, which is soft to the touch and has an unassuming rustic look. According to Mystery Ranch on their website, the Wood Waxed UA21’s material is a “polyester blend with a Polyurethane based coating on it.” It certainly feels much like a waxed canvas bag and scratching it will leave little white marks on the material, so it develops a patina with everyday use. The material feels quite pleasant to interact with actually and oddly reminds me of velvet.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Feedbacks
Organization and tri-zip design

I purchased the bag because I sometimes take weekend getaway trips with my wife and my other smaller backpacks don’t cut it when I need to bring a change of clothes, toiletries and some other stuff with me. The UA21 comes with a solid harness system and Mystery Ranch’s intuitive tri-zip design which allows me to open up the whole main compartment. This makes the bag easy to pack without leaving any empty space between items. However, I’ve been using it as an everyday bag as well to experience how it wears and breaks in. It has served me really well as an EDC bag and despite its simple-looking exterior, it offers some solid organization. When I use the UA21 as an EDC bag, I usually just open the top flap to access the main compartment, but the tri-zip design has turned out to be really useful when I get some groceries for example. Then I can just lay the bag down on its back, open it up completely and fill it up quickly yet carefully without randomly having to throw everything in there through the top opening.

I really like the cavernous pocket in the top flap of this bag where I can keep essential items, like a little knife, multitool, flashlight, lighter, mask, etc. It’s very convenient to just put the bag down, open the top flap’s zippered pocket and get whatever small item I might need. There are also two small mesh-lined internal pockets on both sides of the bag, near the top. I’ve been keeping my laptop’s charger and cables in one of them. Really nice to have a specific and easily accessible internal pocket for my charger.

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Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Feedbacks
Water-resistance and zippers

One important thing in my Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 feedbacks: My UA21 was put through a serious rain test last night when I was outside for over an hour while it poured, and the little top pocket (or lid pocket as Mystery Ranch calls it) stayed completely dry inside.

It helps that all of the UA21’s zippers are coated and very water-resistant. The main compartment’s zippers are actually quite stiff so opening it up takes a bit of force. I actually have two minor criticisms and one has to do with the zippers. I don’t mind the stiffness of the zippers, because they are chunky and coated, and even add a sense of security, but the zippers tend to get stuck in a few specific spots that have some webbing inside just near the zippers, especially when I unzip the main compartment slowly. The top lid’s little pocket opens up really easily and nicely though.

Laptop sleeve

The UA21 also has both a laptop and tablet sleeve. I quite like having two separate sleeves because the smaller one works well for my Kindle or especially my flat essentials pouch. While those sleeves are suspended, promising some protection if I were to accidentally drop the bag, my second small criticism is the lack of bottom padding. There is none, in fact. Maybe I’m just used to having bags that have decent bottom padding, but I definitely had to remind myself to put the bag down carefully today because I had a glass item inside. Also I always carry a chunky power bank which is at the very bottom of the bag and it definitely will take a beating if I throw the bag around.


Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 Feedbacks

What I really love about the UA21 is the comfort. The bag’s narrow and tall profile seemed a bit unusual to me at first, but since I’m a tall guy, its peculiar shape really fits my body well. The straps and back panel are just super comfortable and the weight distribution is excellent because I keep many items in the small pockets in the top part of the bag. I carried a lot of tech stuff today and the bag felt really light to wear. The UA21 has made me realize that a 6’22” person like myself really benefits from having an EDC bag that is over 20 inches long.


Overall I really love this bag, and it’s certainly the type of bag that will last a long time. Although I initially purchased the bag for weekend trips, I’m happily using it as an EDC bag now. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. I definitely didn’t talk about some additional features in my Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 feedbacks, like MOLLE webbing on the bottom, and the removable sternum strap, but I reviewed every part of the bag that I’ve been interacting with a lot.

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