There are countless electronic equipment we have these days, and almost all come with cables and wires. However, although computer, television, printer, router and many others contribute to an immense disorder, some attitudes can reduce this chaos. Follow some tips below to organize cables and wires.

The first thing you must do is identify the cables. Many of them may not even be useful, they are just taking up space. Once separated, place labels. This can be very useful when you need to plug them in or unplug them.


Another good tip to have control over the situation is to reduce the size of the cables. There are retractable versions very easy to be found in computer stores or stationers. Replacing very long cables with shorter ones is also a good option.

You can use nylon clamps to join cables that hang from a table, for example; that way, they won’t be spread out, giving an even sloppy look. These clamps are cheap and easy to find at home improvement and stationery stores.

A spiral wire organizer is also an alternative to joining multiple cables into one. They are found at home improvement stores, computer stores and online stores.

If you prefer to hide the wires, you can use the furniture itself with a channel. They can be made from polyurethane, PVC pipe and even fabric.

On an office desk, for example, you can install frames attached to the table top to organize cables. Designed furniture can also put an end to apparent hair. A pretty box is another good device for hiding cables and wires. There are several models on online stores.

However, you can make a box yourself to hide the wires. A shoebox will do: just cut out a few entries in it so the threads can go through; on the back, leave a socket outlet and some holes for ventilation. The box can be used to accommodate a surge protector to which chargers will be connected, for example.

If the problem is not the wires, but the careless face they give, think of something creative. You can make decorative art with them. Simply secure them with tape or use a hot glue gun.

After all these tips, the environment will be more organize cables, even making cleaning easier.

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