To carry a technology equipment safely and conveniently, the ideal is to put it in a tech messenger bag. It is made to protect the device from impacts, scratches and sometimes even water. There are many models in durable and malleable materials, with pockets to also carry other items such as a mouse, headphones and cables. 

A tech messenger bag needs to provide good protection for the device, be practical, be the size compatible with your laptop, and have a durable material. See below for Mesetups tips for choosing the ideal bag!


Choose a Bag Size to Match Your Laptop

Choose a tech messenger bag that matches your laptop’s size in inches. For example, if your laptop is 14 inches, choose one that offers the right space for that size. If it is too tight it can end up damaging and scratching, in addition to risking the zipper not closing. On the other hand, if there is too much space left, the device will move too much.

Some laptop have the same screen size in inches but different height . And it can happen that the cape gets tighter on a taller model. Therefore, it is important to check the measures and compatible load capacity in the product description. 

Prefer Resistant and Waterproof Materials, such as Neoprene, for greater protection

To protect your technology equipment well, choose a drop and scratch resistant material such as neoprene and nylon. They are great for those who want to carry their laptop in their backpack or suitcase as they are light and generally malleable, in addition to having a soft touch. 

Ideally, the lining is made of padded material so as not to scratch the appliance. The felt and foam nylex are some examples that help protect the inside of the bag. Also check if the chosen model is waterproof for even more security. 


Convenient Transport with Hand Strap and Cross Strap

For easy carrying, choose a bag that comes with a handle. There are 2 main types of handles: hand and cross. The hand strap helps when pulling the case out of the bag and also allows you to carry it like a briefcase. 

With a transverse strap you will be able to carry your laptop hanging on your shoulders, leaving your hands free. A great option to go out with just the tech messenger bags and no other bags. If you choose a model with a transverse handle, make sure it is removable for even more practicality.

Choose Large Opening Zipper Closure Models for More Convenience and Security

Choose a model with a large opening to be able to store your technology equipment easily and quickly. The ones that open on three sides allow you to use your laptop without even having to remove the bag. 

Also, prefer a bag with a zipper closure, as it doesn’t leave openings, thus ensuring more security. There are also models with no closure, they are very practical, but it is better to only decide for one of these if you are always going to keep your laptop inside a backpack or purse.


Prefer Tech Messenger Bags with Pocket to Take Mouse, Phone, Charger and Other Items

If you intend to take a mouse, headphones, cables and paper with your laptop, check if the bag has pockets. If the items are too big, prefer an external pocket that will not interfere with the device. If the items are small and thin, prefer an inner pocket that will keep them well protected. 

Models with multiple pockets will allow you to carry everything in one place, meaning you won’t need an extra bag for your personal items. Some bags even have compartments for laptop and single sheets.

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