The Prices Of 16 Inch Macbook Bag That You Should Refer To

The Prices Of 16 Inch Macbook Bag

Not only the bag but for every other product, we tend to judge its quality based on the price. In this article, Mesetups offers you the popular prices of 16 inch Macbook bag in the market. Hopefully the information below will help you choose the most suitable Macbook bag.

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1. From 30$ to 50$

This is a very affordable price range for students. At this price range, you can comfortably choose a 16 inch Macbook bag that ensures both storage and fashion criteria. In terms of quality criteria, you need to consider choosing more carefully because this price range has not yet allowed manufacturers to use the best materials for products. Therefore, the product will be fashionable, but in return, the service life will not be long. The variety of models and colors is not the strength of this price range.

The Prices Of 16 Inch Macbook Bag
Macbook bag with price range of 30$ – 50$ ensures storage criteria
2. From 50$ – 100$

The average price range helps you own a laptop bag that meets the criteria of storage, fashion and quality. The 16 inch Macbook bag priced from 50-100 will come with shockproof, water-resistant features. The current Macbook bag brands also mainly launch products in this price range.

The Prices Of 16 Inch Macbook Bag
Macbook bag 50$ – 100$ has more advanced materials

The advantage is that you will have a variety of options depending on your own criteria. Mid-range products have a relatively long lifespan, so if you are a person who is quite meticulous in using and preserving bags, you will be satisfied with the quality and durability of the product. However, the features of the bag are quite limited and do not guarantee the features are always in a useful state. For example, a bag is waterproof but not completely safe if you get caught in the rain.

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3. Over 100$

The 16 inch Macbook bag that cost over $100 are classed as high-end bags. The MABAG bag from Moonador brand can be mentioned – a product “made in Vietnam”. The premium bag meets all the basic criteria, plus special features and a long lifespan. The MABAG bag is an example of special features such as 2 separate shockproof compartments for Macbook and iPad, bag fixing strap, secret compartment, water-resistant material.

The Prices Of 16 Inch Macbook Bag
MABAG from Moonador with many special features

Hopefully the above information of Mesetups will help you choose the right price for you.

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