It’s not enough to be pretty: the laptop backpacks for women also needs to be functional, resistant, comfortable and with differentials that meet your needs. Below you will find everything you need to know to buy your new backpack. 

1. To carry few items, backpacks with capacity up to 17L are a good option


For those who need to carry a lot of items, checking capacity can be a good choice. After all, we don’t want to run out of space when we need to take more things. Manufacturers report the capacity of the backpack in liters, so it is important to verify this information.

For those looking for a backpack to carry a few items or small items, an option of up to 17L can meet the needs. For those who need to carry a notebook, notebooks, books and larger items, backpacks with more than 25L offer a good amount of space. 

Typically, the larger the capacity, the larger its dimensions. Most laptop backpacks for women are usually between 40 and 45 cm high, around 30 cm wide and 13-18 cm deep. However, there are also wider options, 38 cm wide and more compact ones, 10.5 cm deep.

2. Prefer backpacks with more than 3 compartments for greater organization


The compartments are very important, as they are designed to keep everything organized. The more divisions the backpack has, the easier it will be to organize your objects. This detail may vary by model. 

In general, backpacks with more than 3 compartments will already make organization much easier. They can appear in different ways depending on the model. You can find backpacks in the market with dividers or inside pockets and outside pockets on the sides, front or even on the back!

In fact, you can find options with spaces specially designed for notebooks, cards, keys and others. If you’re looking for a model with a notebook space , you’ll also need to check the size of this compartment, which is measured in inches just like laptops.

3. Prefer durable materials, such as polyester, and waterproof


Most laptop backpacks for women are mainly made from materials such as polyester and leather. In addition, some of them feature small parts in cotton, satin, or nylon, for example. The polyester  has good durability and strength as well as being a practical material for cleaning and care.

The leather, animal or synthetic (PU), is also a great material and, if well preserved, it can last for years. However, this type of fabric requires extra attention. After all, if it gets wet, it can end up damaging more easily, in addition to presenting a much higher value compared to other options.

You can also consider whether the fabric is waterproof. This differential can literally save your belongings from getting damaged if you catch that unexpected rain. We don’t want her to end up ruining our new items or that we love so much, do we?

4. Padded and lighter backpacks offer more comfort


When carrying heavier objects, our backpack can end up becoming uncomfortable in the back. For this reason, many options feature padded shoulder straps and back. Even for those who don’t intend to carry a lot of weight, backpacks with this differential become a good choice because of their greater comfort. 

But be careful not to carry too much weight, as, in general, each person can carry only 10% of their weight on their back. In addition, the weight of the backpack itself can also make a difference in the end. There are many products that weigh between 200g and 300g, but some of them go up to 700g. 

5. Backpacks in dark colors and prints don’t need washing too often

The laptop backpacks for women are found in a variety of prints and solid colors. Many brands also provide more than one pattern for the same backpack model! That’s why it’s interesting to check if there are other color options for the backpack you’re looking at, and make sure the one that best suits your style.

However, when choosing the best one for your needs, be aware that light colors and prints tend to appear dirty more easily than dark ones. If you plan to put it on the floor more often, dark ones are a good option so you don’t need to wash it too often.

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