Items & Accessories to Complement the Gaming Experience – Gaming Gears

to Complement the Gaming Experience - Gaming Gears

In addition to the new generation of consoles, gamers need good controls, headphones and a high quality TV or monitor. Want to give a gift to a video game player and don’t know what to choose? Or are you thinking of investing to complement your own gaming experience? Mesetups has some suggested gaming gears.

1. A new control

Most video games come with just one controller. Having a second piece is important not only for playing with friends and family, but also for switching between controls, which mostly run on an internal rechargeable battery.

A new controller can be a nice gaming gears gift for the gamer to be able to retire an old and well-used controller, which no longer has the same effectiveness in commands and buttons.

There is also the option of professional controls, also called Pro Controllers, which make the experience more refined.

For PC gamers, the option is for a purpose-designed keyboard and mouse, which have special specifications, such as mechanical buttons and lower latency. 


to Complement the Gaming Experience - Gaming Gears
2. Headset and earphone

For those who play more alone and prefer games with long and in-depth stories, a good headphone is a way to enjoy all the sound design work of games. It’s also a way to stay immersed in that universe without disturbing the routine of the house, with the TV’s loud volume.

For those who play online and need to talk to other players, a quality headset is essential, to have good audio and also a good microphone.

Most headsets for PC gamers and models that are suitable for video game controllers are wired. For those with a more modern Smart TV, a Bluetooth headset might also work for the experience.

to Complement the Gaming Experience - Gaming Gears
3. Gamer chair

The gamers chairs tend to be more ergonomic than office chairs and offer the gaming gears support for those who will face hours of tension and excitement, with the body and right arm sustained at the computer. This is a 2 in 1 purchase because it will also be useful for working or studying hours.

to Complement the Gaming Experience - Gaming Gears

4. 120 Hz Smart TV or Gamer Monitor

For those who play on console and have invested in one of the new generation launches – Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S -, a Smart TV with high quality will be the best way to take advantage of the graphic potential.

The recommendation is to choose a TV with a resolution of at least 4K , or the most modern in 8K, and with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (or 120 frames per second), which makes the image much more fluid and with faster response to the commands.

For PC gamers, there are monitor options for gamers , with high image quality and frequency of 120 Hz.

5. Retro console

If you want to please an old-timer gamer, there are several video game options from past generations that have gained new updated versions. Are the retro consoles, which usually come with a series of classic games in memory.

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6. Other gaming gears

There are many other options to complement the gamer experience, whether for console or PC gamers, such as controller battery chargers , cooler supports to cool the video game, capes and protections, among others.

And for those who play on smartphones, a good choice are the adaptable mobile controls, which hold cell phones of different sizes and have good connectivity, so that the player doesn’t have delays in commands.

The launch of the new generation of consoles can still be an opportunity for those who wanted a video game and does not want to invest in a release now. The current generation consoles – Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – are found in interesting offers.

to Complement the Gaming Experience - Gaming Gears

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