Types Of Backpacks: How To Choose The Best One For You

Types Of Backpacks: How To Choose The Best One

When we talk about the different types of backpacks, it is clear that choosing one model or another can be difficult. Thinking about the use that we will give it, our style, or the size that we will need will be key when choosing this increasingly demanded accessory.

Learn about the different types of backpacks that you can find and enjoy a super comfortable way to carry your things. Please read the information below of Mesetups!

1. Types of backpacks divided by Style vs Functionality 
  • Urban and device backpacks

They are specially designed to accompany you in the hectic work days and daily routine with compartments for the computer, the tablet and other gadgets. They usually incorporate multiple pockets and organizers, padded fabrics and resistant materials to protect your equipment on the go.

Types Of Backpacks: How To Choose The Best One
2. Types of backpacks divided by Design rules
  • Men’s backpacks

Among their favorite backpacks, the most sober and functional models with uniform fabrics usually stand out. Practical designs with high durability and without excessive pockets or details will be your favorites.

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  • Women’s backpacks

For them, the backpack becomes the perfect replacement for the bag with different pockets and organizers to combat the daily routine in the most practical way without losing an iota of elegance and sophistication. Its ample space makes it the perfect candidate to carry the toiletry bag, makeup and other items to be ready at any time of the day and anywhere.

Types Of Backpacks: How To Choose The Best One
3. Types of backpacks divided by Uses
  • Backpacks for bike or motorcycle

Without a doubt, backpacks can become the perfect means of transport for your belongings while you move by bike or motorcycle. A resistant material with reflective fabrics to increase your visibility and a compact design will be key when choosing the ideal backpack.

  • Backpacks for hiking or mountain 

When choosing your hiking backpack, it will be advisable to take into account some important aspects such as the quality of the fabric, the size (according to your body and weight), as well as the waterproofing and sealing of the zippers. You can always add a cover or cover that will give you protection against rain and humidity.

Types Of Backpacks: How To Choose The Best One

You must check that the belt is at the right height (at the hips in the case of men and at the waist in women) to prevent it from moving during the march. The back must be breathable, since the fabric will spend many hours attached to the body. No less important is to get a backpack with a light structure, but with consistent handles and body straps to correctly distribute the weight.

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