What Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have?

Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have

Besides the popular laptop bags, there is also a bag product called a pro laptop bag. What special features does this bag possess to make it more premium? The information that Mesetups provides below will help you better understand this product.

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1. Separate shock compartment

The most common laptop bags on the market today often do not have a dedicated compartment for a laptop. Laptops will be left with other items or separated by a thin cloth compartment. While pro laptop bags have separate compartments for laptops and tablets. This separate compartment is finished from shock-resistant and usually 360-degree shockproof material with a thick foam layer.

Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have
MABAG with separate shockproof compartment for laptop and tablet
2. Secret pocket

Have you ever heard of the secret pocket or the invisible pocket on high-end bags and backpacks? This concept refers to the hidden compartments, cleverly disguised on the bag. The secret compartment can be deep inside the bag or on the back of the bag. This compartment has a small storage capacity, mainly for storing valuable items such as wallets, jewelry, watches… High-end bags have higher security thanks to this secret compartment.

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Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have
The storage capacity of MABAG is up to 20L
3. Absolutely waterproof

Regular laptop bags rarely come with waterproof features. Or if it is water resistant, the material used is usually only moderately water resistant. While pro laptop bags use high-quality materials such as X-Pac fabric. This fabric is water repellent, which means that it does not allow water to adhere to the fabric, thus maximizing the water resistance of the bag. You can be more assured about the safety of the equipment inside when going under heavy rain.

Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have
MABAG is made by water-repellent X-Pac fabric
4. Fixed strap

Pro laptop bags come with a special accessory, a fixed strap. The strap is used to attach from the side of the bag to the main shoulder strap, around the wearer’s waist. This strap helps to fix the position of the bag on the back when wearing the bag, avoiding the movement and disturbance of the items inside the bag. This strap can be easily removed and attached depending on the needs of use.

Special Features Do Pro Laptop Bags Have
MABAG has a strap to fix the bag when worn

MABAG – a product from Moonador is a pro laptop bag that Mesetups would like to introduce to you. The MABAG bag has all the special features of a high-end laptop bag. Hope the above information will help you make the best choice for you.

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