Your leather laptop messenger bags purchase decision depends on many things, but perhaps none more important than your own needs. You may love the bag belonging to a co-worker or friend, but it may not be right for you because of how you need to use it, what you need to carry, etc. Mesetups give you many important factors to consider when choosing the right handbag for you.

1. It’s all about the leather


OK, so maybe it’s not all about leather, but the type of leather used is very important. In that case, buy bags made from full grain leather.

Why full grain leather? For starters, full grain leather laptop messenger bags look better as they age – if only humans could be so lucky – because they develop an attractive patina, which is an aged, shiny look that’s elegant.

Avoid glued leather bags, as they are usually made from pieces of leather that have been made into a second-rate version of leather through the use of chemicals and plastics.

Glued leather handbags do not age as well as full grain leather bags or have that distinct leather smell that many people love.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a bag that is advertised as ‘authentic’ leather when, in fact, it isn’t. Yes, these bags are available at a lower price, but they are not cost-effective.

Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is faux leather—the antithesis of full-grain leather—but the best faux leather bags make it difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. If you’re opposed to using animal products but like the look and feel of leather, then faux leather is a viable option.

2. Check the hardware

Men’s leather laptop messenger bags come with all sorts of small pieces, also known as ‘hardware’. Pay attention to these parts, which include:

a. Shoulder Strap Accessories

The straps on your messenger bag should adjust easily to create a snug fit. You don’t want to deal with fatigue and shoulder pain when carrying your bag, especially for long periods.


b. Buckles

You’ll open and close a bag’s buckles hundreds of times over its lifetime, so be careful to check its quality and durability. Some bags come with one buckle, while others come with two (or potentially more).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having multiple buckles, but it does mean that you’ll have to open the buckles twice as much as you would with a bag that has a single buckle.

Some buckles come in a clasp design that is easy to use because you only need to press a ‘button’ to open the buckle. Others come in a magnetic design that requires you to pull their tab to open the main compartment.

Some other types of hardware you should be aware of are metal locks, zippers, straps, and rings. Look for bags with metal zippers because they are better quality and last longer than plastic zippers.

The straps must be secured to the bag body with reinforced stitching or metal fittings. Handles attached to a glued bag are more likely to come loose or come loose.


3. Durability and manual work

Nobody wants to buy a bag that doesn’t stand up to regular use and that falls apart in a few years. Bags made from the finest leather should last for several years, while the quality of the seam of the bag is a factor in its durability and appearance.

Check the seam of the bag to make sure it’s straight, no loose ends, and not overtly noticeable. Also, look for loose threads between the seams.

4. The color

The most common colors of leather laptop messenger bags are black, dark brown, light brown and beige. Black and dark brown are, in most cases, best suited for professional environments. A tan and lighter brown are perfectly acceptable for more casual workplaces.

Black is the more formal color choice and complements all outfit colors, but dark brown is also a great choice.

Two-colored bags – or more – or contrasting colored seams look a little extravagant for formal workplaces. Stick with a color to be safe.

5. Your career, your style, your image, etc.


The design of a bag should be appropriate for your profession, while doing what you need to do in your daily life. Your style and image matter in many ways, and you want to make sure you’re projecting the right image for your line of work.

Stylistically speaking, your body size should also help determine the type of bag you buy. If you’re shorter in stature, a big bag will only increase how small you look. Taller men should opt for a bag that fits their height and body frame properly.

6. Country of origin

Countries with a long history of producing quality leather include Italy, England, France and the US.

Be careful when choosing bags supposedly from these countries, because in some cases most of the bag’s production takes place in another less reliable country, while a more reliable location takes care of the finishing.

The end result is that manufacturers and artisans in trusted countries are more likely to produce high quality messenger bags .

Next, let’s move on to our reviews of the best men’s leather laptop messenger bags.

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